Want you make your boyfriend spending a wonderful day? What’s about beginning with a wonderful moment? Invite him in your aesthetics’ world by waxing him! He will surely hesitate to accept the experience because he will be afraid to suffer! And yet, there are many tricks which avoid feeling pain and make waxing session more pleasant. Let yourself be led, step by step, by this waxing guide and become a fabulous aesthetician for your boyfriend’s day…  

Step #1: Calm your boyfriend

Stress in one of skin’s sensitivity factors. Create a calming environment with dulcet music and gentle fragrance inside a soft lighted room.

Step #2: Cut hairs which are too long

Hairs length have to be between 4 and 5mm for an optimum catch of wax and a painless experience.

Step #3: Make your boyfriend taking a hot shower

Men have skin and hairs thicker than women. So hair removal could be painful. Taking a hot shower will dilate skin’s pore and facilitate hairs’ extraction.

Step #4: Use talc on moist areas of your boyfriend’s body

More the skin is dried and more the waxing is efficient. Talc will remove humidity on some areas of the body which are still wet after shower.

Step #5: Placement of the product on the hairs

Clean the area of the body that you want to wax with pre-wax lotion or gel. It is a good way to prevent spots. If your boyfriend has thin hair, use ready-to-use strip wax. If he has thick hair, take resin hot wax for the treatment. Place the product on the direction of hair growth. Make sure that it adheres to the hairs.

Step #6: Remove the wax product

Hold the skin with your hand and pull off quickly the wax product in the opposite direction of hair growth. Press the waxed area with your hand or with a cold compress for a soothing feeling.

Step #7: Apply calming cream or gel

Clean treated zones of the body with post-wax cream or gel with calming ingredient such as Aloe vera or Azulen. Your boyfriend will have to exfoliate his skin with black soap and exfoliating glove or with an exfoliating cream the same day of waxing session. Then, he should make it once to twice a week and daily moisturizes his body.

Ready to be a fabulous aesthetician for your boyfriend? Let’s go!